Robert Draper Composer © 2016

Robert is a tonal composer:  unapologetically so. His music has its own uniquely dramatic and individual style that marks his unique signature. Robert's music is classical in terms of form, but at all times the driving force behind it is the emotional impact that the music has upon him and the journey it takes him on as he creates, explores and develops it.


Robert's fascinationwith music started at a pre-school age when he would  listen to his father’s collection of  vinyl recordings of  Baroque, Classical and Romantic composers' works on an old lo-fi portable mono record player. The music of the great composers worked its magic on the young boy: from that point on he became a  devotee of Western classical music.


In the 1980‘s he read music at  the University of London. He studied composition in an environment where serialist/atonal writings and aesthetics were aggressively promoted by the then prevailing academic culture.  However,  Robert  has always firmly rejected such a dogmatic approach. To Robert, music is not best created in such a self conscious manner.  Music has greater impact and ultimately, worth, when borne of  instinct,  when a product of the soul.

Robert has written major works for piano, orchestra and choir, as well as chamber works for string quartet and  other instruments.  A pianist himself, he studied  piano with Russian concert pianist Evgenia Chudinovich (a.k.a GéNIA)).


Robert very much hopes you will enjoy  exploring his website and listening to his work.

To a performance of Robert Draper's work 'Even Such is Time' performed by the London Gala String Orchestra and the Winchester Consort Singers.

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