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23rd March 2016 : update

Robert has now commenced a new work, an Adagio for string orchestra in C minor. The work will be comprised in a  single movement and is an an example of his direct, engaging style.

​​Having now completed the first movement of his second piano concerto in A minor , Robert has now re-commenced work on the second movement after having previously set it aside for a while to concentrate on other projects. Excerpts to be posted soon.

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One of the most refreshing and individual sounding classical composers of our time,  he produces music that is dramatic, passionate and direct.  His music engages with audiences from the outset , taking them on a musical excursion that may venture through tragedy to triumph, from impenetrable darkness to blazing light: and everything else in between.  

He lives in England, having retreated from London to the East Sussex countryside, where his music is conceived and written.

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To a performance of Robert Draper's Work

Richard III performed by the International Festival Orchestra, conducted by Japanese conductor Hiroshi Endo